Day 28.

These are my FINAL of the 14 pairs of pants I haven't worn in the past year. This means that I am now allowed to choose freely between the pants I haven't worn (Uhm, I like these legal obsessions). 

I am realizing that almost all my unworn clothes bought from the time I was younger, are very colorful, which is in strong contrast to my self image of one of the low key fashion adults like Signe Bindslev Henriksen who's wardrobe looks somewhat like this:

(The pictures are from p. 112 in the april issue of Eurowoman)

I can't help finding it a bit comical that I desperately wish for three identical Rick Owens jackets and think its really tasteful to have five (also almost) identical cardigans, when all my senses tells me that it is seriously boring.
Today I read about why it is that every colour (or thing) can only at best aspire to "become the new black". Where does this chromophobia come from? Isn't it a bit weird? I mean, a couple of days ago I was in my red dress and I tell you it is impossible to feel bad when wearing that dress! By default I buy and wear colour, but my rational adult self thinks I look much more attractive in the classic (boring?) stuff. Maybe one should just let the french handle the laws of simplicity and settle with weirdo colors and patterns. 

Hmmm... I will feed my mind with colours and bastogne and get back as soon as I have the answer. 

Oh, may I ask you something on the faldereb?

Out of all your clothes, what makes you the most happy to wear - Why?

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